Farah Clothing was born in the 1920's but it was not until the 1970's in the UK that it reached the cult status it holds today. The original Farah slack made from hopsack canvas became an immediate hit with the youth of Britain: The Farah trousers was unlike anything available at the time. Momentum for the brand grew and in the 1980's Farah became a must have label amongst fashion savvy hipsters, including the Mods, Skins, Stickmen and Rocker-Billys. Seen on the Balconies at gigs across the UK Music Scene, each group interpreted the brand within their own style, the clothes came to represent a sense of elitism while generating respect for those who displayed the now famous "Farah" F Tab. The brand epitomises the current trend of Vintage Clothing and Heritage brands with a modern twist.