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If a brand could truly state it had heritage then Tootal Scarves must rank in the top ten, registered in the UK in 1799 by Robert Gardner, Tootal scarves started out in Manchester’s Oxford street and have since grown to be a symbol of iconic, timeless, British design.

Tootal’s distinctive paisley and polka dot neckwear designs grew in popularity during the 1920’s when Tootal was commissioned by the British Army to produce clothing and scarves for the Royal Air Force. From this, having firmly established their roots in traditional British menswear design, Tootal continued to grow in popularity, which rose to it’s heights with the introduction of the Mod culture.

Constructed from 100% silk they are extremely comfortable to wear and benefit from being cool in the summer and have a warmth to weight ratio that many modern technical fabrics would love to boast. Tootal silk scarves are the finishing touch to many different sartorial styles from sharp suits to street casual

During the 1960’s and the rise of the Mod culture a Tootal scarf became a quintessential male fashion accessory, travelling effortlessly through the Mod fashion era. The Tootal scarf was made even more desirable by celebrities such as Paul Weller, Liam Gallagher and Pete Doherty who sported Tootal scarves as part of their iconic fashion styles.


In 2013, Tootal scarves underwent a revival, with vintage designs being given a new lease of life. In a time of countless fakes and copies, it is refreshing to have such a genuine brand of British neckwear, which re-lives the vibrant rock and roll 1960’s Mod culture. Tootal to this day remains an iconic British fashion label, with modern day celebrities such as Martin Freeman and Liam Gallagher continuing to be icons for the Tootal culture.

A Tootal scarf is still considered to be the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. In the words of Steve Craddock. from Ocean Colour Scene & The Paul Weller Group – “Nothing will ever match Tootal. The original is always the best”

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