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OBEY THIS FILM by Bret Novak

As one of the first UK stockists of Obey Clothing we have always taken a keen interest in what Shepard is up to, this short film by respected chronicler Bret Novak gives us a better insight of the early years and the progression of Shepard and his ideals which have seen him involved in raising issues through his awareness campaigns - below is a brief introduction from Bret 

"Several months ago I was commissioned by the Halsey Institute out of Charleston, South Carolina to shoot a short film on the infamous street artist behind OBEY: Shepard Fairey. I definitely knew Shepard's work, whether it be that repetitive face of Andre the Giant popping up at every street corner I've ever been on, or as the Obama Poster that definitely did more for an election than just add aesthetic to it - but I was not aware at how incredibly inspiring Shepard would turn out to be. For a new understanding of how this skateboarder turned mega famed street star turned out to be", check this film out.

Shepard Fairey: Obey This Film from Brett Novak on Vimeo.


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