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Every now and then a brand comes along that captures the mood of peoples lifestyles and ideals, BRIXTON is one such brand. Founded in 2004, Brixton is a timeless apparel brand aimed at appealing to a large collective of counter cultures.


Out of Southern California they draw their inspiration from music, culture and the people who surround them, the brainchild of David Stoddard the brand continues to expand the range drawing inspiration from his interests,and his business partners, plus the input from a

talented team of creatives.


The Brand name was inspired by punk band The Clash, and from its humble beginnings as a headwear start-up the collection has grown tenfold as has its followers.

Now one of the more popular street-wear brands the rational behind the business has been to produce timeless and clean design, the Brixton collection is hard to duplicate and comes in a variety of styles that appeal to the individual in a modern yet traditional way.


Each piece is constructed with the commitment to bringing the customer a high quality and limited product that they'll want to hold onto forever.


To check out the most comprehensive range of the Brixton collection head over to Union Clothing who were one of the first UK accounts, they have seen the brand grown to sit alongside the denim and casual brands they are renowned for, if you need any advice on the brand the team will be glad to discuss this with you.

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By Parra / Autumn Winter 2015