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Make a Conscious Step With This Charitable Gift Set

Being charitable is the new cool, and that's where Conscious Step comes in. Providing a plethora of fashion and fair trade foot huggers for the modern gent, the Indian manufactured brand is big on sustainability and promoting an ethical workplace for their staff force. 

Feed the Children  - Conscious Step

"Our cotton growing and sock manufacturing occurs in the states of India. Manufacturing there allows us to benefit from India’s organic cotton expertise (growing 80% of the world’s organic cotton) and to support small cotton farmers... No child labor, minimum wage compliance, overtime compensation and freedom of association for workers. Because all humans deserve to be treated with dignity and respect."

Basics Box - Conscious Step

Why should you buy Conscious Step? well not only are you saving the bloody planet, but you'll look stylish doing so. Double win! With a set of single pairs of socks that fight everything from HIV to child hunger, you can stylishly gift anyone with a fresh pair of socks knowing that you're helping the good fight!

Planet Box Set - Conscious Step

For those that are feeling particularly charitable, the themed gift boxes come in handy for smashing a bunch of causes with one fell swoop. The Humanitarian box fights Malaria, HIV and provides relief kits, the Planet gift set plants trees, protects oceans and forests, and finally the Basics set pledges to end hunger, give water and books. 

Gift someone a piece of mind with Conscious Step


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