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"Uskees" as refreshing as a Spring breeze

"Uskees" as refreshing as a Spring breeze
Sometimes the wheel does not need to be reinvented but just requires some tweaking, the good people at Uskees have taken classic and timeless designs and applied their rationale with a more holistic approach 

From sourcing through to design, they use high quality, organic materials - putting a passion for craft at the centre of everything they do. Traditional techniques are shown the respect they deserve, so that lessons of the past can be used to create something for the future. They offer free repairs and maintenance, to ensure that their products don’t end up on the scrap heap.

It is refreshing to to find a brand that firmly believes in offering consumers a product that is relevant to the 21st century and the impact our footprint has on the planet,
Uskees styling and their commitment to quality coupled with fair pricng has already seen the brand garner a loyal following
The Uskees manifesto is about paying attention to the details. 

Creating something timeless, that’s built to last.
Something that works perfectly, whatever your gender.
Pieces that are made to be worn and will get better with age 

To check out the Uskees collection head over to one of their premiers stockist Union Clothing


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