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As denim fanatics are aware the summer can be a tough time to make your denim purchases, do you go for a pair of raw selvage, see the EDWIN ED 55 RED SELVAGE below or buy a pair of pre- laundered and treated pair.


Looking on the positive side both choices have their merits, lets look at the raw selvage option, do you want to be breaking in a new pair of raw selvage during the summer and my opinion is "HELL yes", think about this! what better time to break jeans in than during the summer when you are out and about at festivals, barbecues, the beach etc, all these pursuits will have a great effect on your denim with wear and tear, sea and sand damage plus the effects of the sun on your jeans.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to the scuffs and wear you can implant on your raw denim so when you eventually do wash them ( no sooner than 6 month or we will put you on a charge ) you will be in possession of a personalized pair of jeans the have some history and you can see the effects of your hedonistic lifestyle.


Now let us consider the pre-washed styles out there, the better jean brands like Nudie, Edwin, Lee and Kings of Indigo start the process with the best denim and move forward utilizing their knowledge of laundering and the various treatments that can replicate the effects of natural wear, for example whiskering on the front and rear knee are all achieved by skilled operatives hand finishing each pair.


These treatments are all time consuming and can involve up to seven different processes, this obviously pushes the price up a tad, when it is done well and by the best laundries the effects are as close to doing it yourself but without all the work and sometimes you just want to chuck on a lighter weight denim to chill in and the lighter washes lend themselves to summer vibes and the whole out door lifestyle,

At Union Clothing they offer one of the most comprehensive collection of brands, fits, and finishes to suit all tastes, one thing you can rest assured of is the best service and a wealth of knowledge gleaned from 27 years in the denim business.

All online customers benefit from FREE SHIPPING over £60 plus UK guaranteed next delivery so head over to the denim section at Union Clothing or pop in to the stores where our staff will be pleased to direct you and answer any questions   

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