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Autumn/Winter 2015: Footwear

When shopping for footwear suitable for the colder and harsher weather conditions the Autumn and Winter months have to throw at us, it's important to choose the right footwear

Whether it's a smarter more narrow shape like the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots or a more traditional work-wear inspired box toe boot like the Red Wing 08131 or the best of both styles in the Red Wing Iron Ranger there is a style for everyone.

One of the main characteristics when looking for a pair of boots is durability. Paying the extra money for some genuine craftsmanship is always helpful and will ensure your boots will last through more than one Winter.

With brands like Red Wing and Wolverine it's ensuring to know they have been in the business for enough years to master the art of boot making.

Your new boots deserve some suitable socks. Sock and Trotter have been making some of the highest quality socks on the market and never overlook quality with their range of Shetland Wool and Alpaca they have a reinforced sole pad to make sure they last as long as your boots. What more, they are exclusively made in England.

To view the full range of Socks and Boots head over the the




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