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Winter Layering Suburbs to Outdoors

I cant speak for everyone but sometimes throwing on a big coat is not a option if your hitting the city you need to be flexible and layering up makes perfect sense, taken from the the need to control body temperatures whilst on the move in a outdoors environment this is now a essential part of menswear styling,  this practice can be applied to the city, suburbs and the outdoors and still maintain great styling.


The beauty of layering is that the options are endless and with a little thought can produce great results in any environment, you can keep it as simple a Tee shirt under a shirt or go the full hog and layer up shirts over shirts and jackets and if warmth is a key factor try quilted  gilets  over jacket and finish it all off by accessorizing with gloves, scarfs and hats.


The success to a good layering is to be able to quickly adjust the layers to the environment and conditions,  this is equally relevant in a city when you wind your way around the bars and restaurants and on in to the twilight zone, if your planning on pursuing your hobbies in the outdoors then a rucksack to be able to adjust your clothing is a great idea  



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