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Winter Headwear Choices

With the winter now firmly upon us we have decided to take a more in depth look at the choice of head-wear and how to get the best out your choices, like many accessories they can make or break an outfit, the biggest factor this time of year is keeping the elements at bay whilst still maintaining a modicum of style. There are three main groups of headwear that break down into the following :-

1) BEANIES, which include a variety of blends like Wool, Polyester, Cotton and a combination of the three , certain brands like Carhartt,  Dickies, and Brixton have the best selection of beanies and with their workwear and street heritage you just know they are going to look right, plus they do what the were designed for, keep your head warm. Staff favourites at this moment are the Carhartt Watch Hats which now comes in two lengths and a multitude of colours, if it is pure workwear and street styling with a unbelievable price tag then the Dickies Alaska Beanie at £12.99 is a no brainer, the Alaska offers a classic shape in a nice easy colour block with a discreet leather label


2) CAPS , which include snapbacks 5 Panels and Baseball styles, caps continue to have a massive influence on the streetwear market but we are now seeing a cleaner more mature styling with the increased popularity of 5 panels with their flatter silhouette and more interesting use of fabrics , two such styles are the Brixton Hendricks Cap and the Obey Mill Hat  both these styles offer clean styling the are flexible enough to work with a host of outfits with the emphasis on the suburbs and city life.


3) HATS, which include Trilbys, Fedoras, Bakerboy, Newsboy, and Flatcaps, this is where you can really stamp your style and make a statement with imagery from the best TV series and films, hats are becoming more and more and important to the style leaders and there is something for every occasion and personality,  two styles that are on trend are the Baker Boy styles as seen in Peaky Blinders and Fedora styles that are being chosen by stylists for club wear and outdoor lifestyle shoots, 


If you fancy giving your head some protection or are looking to make a statement then head over to Union Clothing where you find all the best brands and styles, but online now and get FREE UK DELIVERY on orders over £50

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