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Selvedge Denim Guide

If you are going to treat yourself to a pair  for a pair of Selvedge Jeans at Christmas then be sure to consider the following points to avoid any disappointment, buy from a trusted retailer who has the knowledge and also of equal importance is a good selection of brands.

Above is the Edwin ED 55 Japanese Red Selvage and the Lee 101 Japanese White/Yellow Selvedge

 To help you with your Selvedge denim selection here is a brief resume of the key points.
1) Selvedge or Selvage is a denim that is generally constructed on vintage looms and the most authentic is made on Shuttle Looms which ensure a nice ageing process.

Different manufactures originally used different colour thread on the edge of the rolls of denim to make identification easier in the factories

Above is the Edwin ED47 Japanese Rainbow Selvedge and the Hawksmill Slim Fit Italian Candiani Denim  

2)  Not all Selvedge denim is shrink to fit, it depends if they are sanforized or not and how you intend to wear them
The best advice in my opinion is to wear your new selvedge jeans as long as possible to degrade the denim and stamp your own individual wear marks like whiskering, wallet marks and general abuse.
Above are a pair of Edwin ED 45 Rainbow Selvedge worn for 23 months before the first wash and washed 3 times

Whichever brand or style you choose my advice would be to contact the team @Union Clothing and take advantage of the years of experience they have gleaned fro selling premium denim and being involved in denim manufacturing.

 Above are a pair of Lee 101 Z jeans that were worn for 15 months before there first each and washed several times

The team at Union Clothing would love to see you in store or if you prefer contact us on 0191-2331114 and we will be tohappy help with your selection, to help out on the run into Christmas we are offering Free UK Next day Delivery on all denim sales 


Buy wisely and get the rewards with a pair of jeans that are unique to yourself and have load of fun along the way by hammering your denims, for the full selection of denims head over to the Jeans Section



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