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Red Wing Boots: Signs of Wear

When buying a quality pair of boots you will go through a journey like no other. From a new pristine pair of leather Winter boots you will see a transformation. Leather, like denim, wears uniquely and over time starts to shine and show it's own personality.
A rugged pair of boots will see you through more than one Winter and will have you looking for excuses to wear them in less harsh conditions.
Here we have showcased some classic Red Wing styles and their worn in brothers to give you an idea of how good the craftsmanship is,  Founded in 1905 they have been producing great boots using the same craftsmanship and techniques that have earned plaudits from within the footwear industry.

The 01831 boot in Oro Russet above is an iconic style and will get better with age,  the example above has been worn over 5 years and are still going strong, if you need to breath new life into your boots treat them with some Mink Oil and new Laces and they will give you years more of wear


 Red wings produce a range of boots that are designed to fulfill a purpose within the working environs, because off their aesthetics and value for money the more discerning  fashion consumer now see this as a staple to wear with quality selvage jeans and the boots are regularly featured in style shoots


The worn 08004 Boot above is 22 year old and has been worn nearly every winter since its purchase which is testament to the craftsmaship and materials used

The 01341 Chukka Boot above has been subjected to the rock and roll lifestyle and worn relentlessly over three years, yet they still managed to survive and are still wearable.

If you are considering buying a pair of Red Wings then head over to Union Clothing who are one of the UKs earliest authorised stockists, the team will be willing to answer any questions you have and if you buy online Union are offering FREE UK DELIVERY on all Red Wing orders, one thing we can GUARANTEE is years of wear and like denims every pair tells a story

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