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Farah Clothing History

Farah Clothing History

Mansour Farah studied shirt design and manufacturing in New York city and in 1910 opened his first small factory in shop in El Paso's Apache region producing Chambray shirts for 35 cents each, the company diversified into producing denim work pants 

Mansour Farah diploma 

During the 1940s Farah received the prestigious army - navy E award for producing top quality army khaki combat pants, fatigues and uniforms.

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 Nearly half of Farah's production went to to JC Penney, Sears and Montgomery Ward, while the other half was sold under the Gold label, William Farh who served in the US airforce was insistent on keeping production in the USA and using American suppliers, hence the product was only sold in the USA

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 The 70s saw huge changes in America and the company had to reorganise to open up new markets, the introduction of the famous hopsack trouser championed by the Rude Boy Twins Chuka and Dubem and many more ensured the trouser became one of the best selling pants in the UK, quickly adopted by the youth sub culture of skins, mods, and stickmen.

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The 1970s also saw the opening of the companies first UK store in Baron Street, London which appealed to Stickmen who were young black males who tended to be very aware that British society in the 70s predominately Urban and working class, living in council estate areas, this generation, like its white counterpart, knew that to gain the clothes and accessories that would give them standing amongst their peers, they would have to live on society's margins. stickmen favoured Italian knitwear, Farah trousers and Snakeskin or Crocodile skin shoes. The brand was continually evolving and during the 80s Farah was adopted by the terraces and became a symbol of independent music


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A little known fact was Farah's sponsorship of a young Lewis Hamilton and David Coulthard.

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 The 90s saw a resurgence of the brands popularity deus to being worn by the likes of The Strokes, Agyness Deyn, The Last Shadow Puppets and Paulo Nutini, this success continues through the end of the decade and through to the current times and can still be seen on the backs of bands like Pulled Apart By Horses, Bombay Bicycle Club, and Ryman Jarman the Cribs.


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 Todays Farah collection offers everything from underwear and shoes through to casual and smart attire , to check out the latest styles head over to Union Clothing and grab a piece of culture , available in store and online with FREE UK DELIVERY on orders over £50


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